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What is Siberian Honey

SIBERIAN HONEY gently restores the body's defenses, has a bracing effect. Natural Siberian honey is used to treat angina, rhinitis, laryngitis, tracheae, cardiovascular system, and as a fortifying agent. It has strong antibacterial properties. 


SIBERIAN HONEY is special because it has been scientifically proven to have anti-bacterial properties is the most ancient nutrition product developed by mellifluous bees from nectar, gathered from flowers on the Altai territory. 

SIBERIAN HONEY has a unique chemical composition. It is no wonder because the Altai plants are known for the medicinal properties. Honey, gathered from pollen of these plants, combines their best qualities.

The peculiarity of the local mountain honey is that it is produced only with wild plants in an ecologically clean area, about 2000 meters above sea level, with a particular microclimate.

Beekeeping in the Altai Mountains is a tradition that dates back for generations.

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