Alpine honey is fully traceable to source and free from GMOs and GE, with no added sugar or water, and absolutely, passionately, no chemicals. That way, you know it’s 100% natural … just as nature intended.


Ethical. In every way.


Introducing Alpine Honey Upper Squamish Valley's richest, rarest, most complex Forest honey: This exceptional honey has a smooth, shiny dark consistency and an intense, complex, ‘woody’ bitter flavor.


As the seasons change, the flavors of different native Upper Squamish Valley forest trees & flowers can be found in our Forest Honey, including rich and golden notes of Maple ( lighter than Manuka, but with a similar intense flavor), Pine Pollen (dark, intense, rich, and malty) and Wildberry Pollen ( lighter and subtly floral, sweet yet a little salty). The texture is smooth, creamy, and slightly runnier than most honey.


Local Upper Squamish Valley Forest honey has a unique depth of flavor not found in any other honey.


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Forest Honey 2020 - 100% Local Upper Squamish Valley Honey


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