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As nature intended

Alpine Honey

Produced on the wild and the most ecological landscapes in the world,

we bring to you our Raw Alpine Honey.

A natural energy source that is full of essential vitality.


REALLY optimized for life.

Nature Sanctuary. Eco-Retreat.
Sustainable Well-being.

Alpines’s wildly remote locations mean our honey has a unique taste all of its own. From our hives to your hands, we treat honey with the respect it deserves. 100% Full Circle – Biodiversity-positive honey. No overheating, no pasteurising, no artificial anything. Alpine honey is fully traceable to source and free from GMOs and GE, with no added sugar or water, and absolutely, passionately, no chemicals. That way, you know it’s 100% natural … just as nature intended.

Alpine Honey.


Alpine Honey

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At one with


Unpasteurized &

All our bee products are straight from the hive!

Raw honey is unheated and with no added sugar. Therefore our honey crystallizes over time which is a sign of pureness.

Ecologically Sourced

All imported Alpine Honey products are from untouched meadows and vast mountains of the Altai region. The bees are happy and healthy as they collect nectar from native wildflowers and blossoms in the glaciers.

Healthy & Active & Raw 

Our Raw Honey is unheated and unpasteurized, retaining all of the nutritional properties and benefits of honey. Our products are high in antioxidants and antibacterial qualities.

Lab Tested for Your Peace of Mind

We ensure the best honey qualities by testing in certified laboratories. Thus the honey is 100% raw, free from antibiotics, pesticides and maintains its activity levels to the highest standard.

Introducing ou richest, rarest, most complex

Glacier Wildflower Honey. 


Introducing our fresh woodland smell and 

minty goodness, 

Linden Honey. 


Taking care of our planet - and the Bees

At Alpine Apiaries, we are committed to the highest ethical standard. We only use ethical harvesting and production techniques, and we NEVER overheat, pasteurise or add anything artificial, to our honey.  
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